The Victoria Adult Literacy Council has been training tutors in Victoria and the surrounding area for over 40 years. The tutors who have volunteered their time have giving hearts that want to touch the lives of the VALC students who come to the center in search of someone to help them increase their literacy skills. Our tutors have found they have the ability through knowledge to change the lives of their students and their families.




Kinds of Training Offered

  • Basic Literacy and English as a Second Language
  • Tutor Training
  • In-service/Recertification Training
  • Learning Disabilities
  • Lesson Plans and Portfolios
  • Training of Tutor Trainers

Orientation for the above Tutor Trainings will be offered periodically. If you are interested in any of the training opportunities or want to volunteer, check with VALC's  Program Coordinator at 361-582-4273 or





When a potential tutor contacts VALC to express an interest in becoming a volunteer tutor, a packet is sent to the potential tutor with information about the Victoria Adult Literacy Council. This person is then added to our database as a potential tutor. When a Tutor Training date is set, each potential tutor is sent a Tutor Training flyer. Potential tutors reply to either the flyer or one of the other media the VALC uses to advertise upcoming Tutor Training sessions. Tutor trainees attend an orientation given by the VALC staff which covers what is expected from the new tutor and Basic Literacy and English as a Second Language tutor training is provided. After tutor training is completed, the new tutors are scheduled an appointment with the LD Program Coordinator to review student and curriculum choices. If the tutor requests, a second appointment can be scheduled with the LD Program Coordinator and the student to review and plan curriculum.


Job Title: Volunteer Tutor

Reporting Relationship: Reports to LD Program Coordinator


To tutor, for at least one year, one or more Basic Literacy/ESL student(s) either from the literacy program's waiting list or brought in by the trainee and registered as a VALC student.

Specific Duties:

  • Attend all Tutor Training Workshop sessions and complete all required homework.
  • Tutor, for at least two hours a week for a period of one year, a Basic Literacy or ESL student either from the literacy program's waiting list or brought in by the trainee and registered as a VALC student. It is our expectation that tutoring will be so rewarding that a tutor will wish to continue beyond this commitment.
  • Maintain a log on the student(s) including the following: initial contact date; date tutoring began; total number of hours taught; pre- and post-test scores and dates; student's goal (set and met); changes in attitude or performance; tutoring time and location.
  • Submit monthly reports, including proof of progress.
  • Report promptly any changes in status of student or tutor (i.e., address, phone, etc.).
  • If in the future the tutor is unable to tutor, all materials that have been checked out from VALC in the tutor's name need to be promptly returned to the Victoria Adult Literacy Council.

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